About London Escorts



The escort business is a booming business in the UK. In the past it was often considered to be a taboo career choice, and a scandalous service. However, times have certainly changed. More people have an open mind these days, especially within the UK, and it is hard to fault women who choose to go into the business. The motivation for joining this career is simple; money talks. Money is what drives a healthy economy, and a lack of it can make your life quite difficult. When you consider how much money a person stands to earn as an escort, there is little wonder why women do turn to the business to earn a great living.

Become an Escort?

Just take a look at our website and you’ll quickly realise all of the career opportunities that you can have in this business. Female escorts stand to make between £300-500 per hour in some cases! This is shocking when you consider how much money this adds up to over the course of a night. Many women who enter the business will tell you that you are granted immediate financial freedom in this business. What this means is that you can often set your own hours and appointments, and the prices you place on the services that you provide.


Many women turn to the escort business to help pay for school. University tuition, whether you go to a school in the UK, United States, or elsewhere, is especially expensive. Student loans tend to bog down one’s career after school ends, and some people spend the rest of their lives paying back all of the loans that they owe for school. It only makes sense to enter a career field which pays handsomely. Women often choose this career because it allows them to make a large sum of money quickly. It is a great option as a temporary job for women in their 20’s and 30’s.



However, one of the main draw backs to the industry is that some women are fearful that their families will not approve. Family approval is perhaps the single-most reason why most women steer clear of the profession. It can be a tall order to ask older generations to ignore the stigma associated with the profession. For this reason, if you decide to enter into the industry, you might choose to keep it a secret. Although remaining open and honest is the best policy in most cases, each person’s family dynamic is different.